Several days ago, a local young lawyer acquiantance of mine dissmissed me with a (and I'm paraphrasing) "...haha, go and draw and leave this to adults", in a discussion on how the ecuadorian government's reaction was to the 7.8 quake. So I did. I might not be a lawyer or a rescue worker, but I believe with all my heart that our art and design skills can help in multiple ways, and in these critical immediate hours, in spreading awareness about the ordeal. Ecuador is in the starting phase of a critical reconstruciton effort, and any help is welcome. Please feel free to share this image with anybody to spread the word about Ecuador's current situation. #SOSECUADOR #FUERZAECUADOR

Please consider purchasing a poster over at my Society 6 store (Click here). Every dollar earned will be sent to earthquake relief charity in Ecuador. #SOSECUADOR #FUERZAECUADOR.
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